The Ubiquity Proxy Yield Aggregator Is Live!

Ubiquity is excited to launch the open beta of our Proxy Yield Aggregator!

Simply deposit USDC tokens to earn up to 40% APR.

How It Works

  • Users deposit USDC into the Proxy Yield Aggregator
  • USDC is deployed into Pickle Finance’s yUSD farm, which in turn deposits assets into Yearn’s USDC vault. Current indicative yield is 15% APR. This yield accrues to the Ubiquity treasury
  • Users receive 2X the underlying yield in uAR tokens, which may be redeemed for Ubiquity Dollars (uAD) when uAD’s TWAP is above $1.

Fees and Boosters

  • Up to10% Deposit Fee will be levied on all USDC deposits. This fee can be reduced on a sliding scale by staking UBQ tokens proportional to the size of the deposit. The Ubiquity interface conveniently displays the amount of UBQ required.
  • The PYA’s base yield may be further boosted by up to 50% by users who choose to stake uAD on the platform. Again, the UI will indicate the amount of uAD required to maximize your boost.

The Next Phase For Ubiquity

With the launch of the PYA, Ubiquity is moving to the next phase of the roadmap after a successful fair launch. The yield accrued by the treasury will enable future development and growth of the ecosystem while providing users with a fire-and-forget solution for their stablecoin farming.

The main benefit of the PYA is that users need not monitor hundreds of DeFi protocols in order to source the best yield, as Ubiquity strategists will take care of that. Once the PYA beta is up and running, the team will be focusing on the production version which will facilitate multiple yield farming strategies.

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